Microwave Technology Corporation (MTC)
30 years Anniversary of Excellence (1986-2016)


As the president of the company, I would like to express and share my feelings with you all. Since I joined the company exactly 19 years ago, I have loved working with our customers worldwide. I always handle all the correspondence directly, that includes listening to our customers requests and complaints and is one of my favorite part of the job. My sales team and engineers are told to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours.

It has been a busy year for us in the past year and the factory had to put in a lot of overtime hours, but we managed to shipped all of our orders on time. We had very small delays and rejection was under 1% but none were serious. This year we are going to book more orders and will try to improve our quality and delivery with 0% rejection. Once our products are ready, we are not afraid to ship them out ahead of schedule or on time.

Our employee satisfaction is perhaps what we are most proud of.

The company has provided benefits and bonuses to support our employees and their families. Over 50% of our employees have worked for us since the company begun operations. With their experienced and skills, we can openly trust their work.

Overall we will continue to work hard to improve in all areas and produce high quality products for our customers.

In 2016, we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary, and on this occasion, as a President of the company, I wish to thank all of our customers, agents & representatives, trade partners, and all stakeholders for their continuing trust and support. Thanks to all company executives and employees whose determination to serve the company to the best of their abilities has driven the company to its excellent operations, resulting in stability and gloriously moving ahead.

After 30 years of producing the highest quality microwave products, you, our customers, can be assured that you are receiving the very best products on the marketplace and we look forward to meeting your needs for the next exciting 30

Sincerely yours,

Mr Thanakorn Chaonakaew
President & CEO
Microwave Technology Corporation (MTC)